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When was Lucifer and the demons kicked out of Heaven?

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#1 jon



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Posted 15 September 2006 - 09:07 PM

I have heard all my life that Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven before or at the time of the creation. I can't find any proof of this. Isaiah 14 seems to be talking about a future event and so does Rev12.

This is the basis of the gap theory and a pre-trib preacher used it in a sermon tonight.
Help me out. thanks

#2 WJL


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Posted 17 September 2006 - 06:58 AM


I recently constructed a post regarding Daniel 9 and Revelation 12 that you should read on the PFRS site. Here is a link: http://p214.ezboard....opicID=49.topic

As far as I can see, Lucifer fell from his position as the "Anointed Cherub" (Ezekiel 28:14 and Luke 10:18) in heaven prior to the Garden of Eden, but he won't be cast down to the earth until the Tribulation period. Once he is confined to the earth he will indwell the Antichrist. We know from the book of Job that Satan still had access to heaven at that point, even though he was no longer one of God's angels.

Hope this helps!

WJL <><


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#3 Guest_Joel Tamburo_*

Guest_Joel Tamburo_*
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Posted 17 September 2006 - 02:57 PM

I have to admit I have never heard of Lucifer's casting out being used as a basis for pre-trib. And, as WJL points out, how was Satan able to go before God and get his permission to try Job if he already had been permanently kicked out of heaven?

#4 Cruci-Fide



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Posted 18 September 2006 - 07:53 PM

Wow. I was typing my reply and then noticed that WJLís link to the cited article just about covered everything I was going to state. Interesting that our view on the topic is practically the same.

The only other thing I would point out is that Revelation 12:12 indicates when Satan is cast out he knows his time is short. How else could he know this unless that by being cast out it is a sign that Jesusí return to the earth will be soon, at which time he [Satan] is to be bound.

If Satan were to have been cast out before Jesusí sacrifice upon the Cross, as some claim Luke 10:18 indicates, then he wouldnít know his time was short because so far itís been nearly 2,000 years. Even for a being that has been in existence for millennia prior to this, I find it difficult to call 2,000 years ďa short timeĒ.

I think Satan knows that when he is cast out of Heaven it is a sign that Jesus will return soon, and he sets out to bring his full wrath to bear upon the world before his incarceration during the Millennial Kingdom and ultimate, eternal judgment.

Also, I find it interesting that Revelation 12 makes note that Michael and his angels are the ones who cast Satan out of Heaven and to the earth. One implication here is that they also bar any entry into Heaven by Satan or his angels. Many post-trib articles Iíve read, propose Michael and his angels to be the restraining force that keeps Satan from bringing forth the antichrist until the time is right. The Last Trumpet site has a good article on this. If Michael and his angels were guarding Heaven, this could indicate they are no longer guarding earth and restraining the installment of the antichristís kingdom.

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